domingo, 24 de outubro de 2010

Fable's Moral

There's a popular fable about a hummingbird and a forest fire. If you never heard about it, I'll resume it to you: A fire starts at the forest that the little hummingbird and a lot of animals lives. And all fucking animals runs from the fire, trying to survive. Except the hummingbird. The hummingbird flies to the lake next to the forest, and fills his bill with water and spread it on the fire, trying to stop it. So, an elephant notices what the hummingbird is doing and asks to him:

- Are you triyng to kill yourself? You'll never stop the fire!

- Yeah, I'now. But, at least, I'm doing my part.

Well, and you want to know what's the trully fable's moral?

The hummingbird wasn't trying to be an altruistic hero like everybody told me. He as just a selfish that was trying to keep his consciousness cleans. Like everyone.

And if you want, really want, to stop the forest fire, don't do it just to keep your consciousness clean.

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